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John P Ashby

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BSc. Honours (Geology), Chelsea College, London.

MSc. (Engineering, Rock Mechanics), Royal School of Mines, London

Diploma of Imperial College, London.

Thesis topic Toppling Sliding Mode of Rock Slope Failure:


The Map

- The first geological map William Smith 1817


  • Fellow (Retired) of the Geological Society of London;

  • Honorary Fellow of the NZ Institute of Quarrying;

  • Member of the Society of Explosive Engineers;

  • Member of the AIME;

  • Member of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society;

  • Affiliate of the International Society of Rock Mechanics.


The Disaster Aberfan 1967

a wakeup call for geotechnical engineering in mining

Employment History:

  • 19 years self employed consultant

  • 20 years in resource & engineering consulting and technical computing.

  • 3 years in research & development;

  • 7 years in mine operations;

  • Employed as geologist, engineer and research analyst


Questa New Mexico

Technical Expertise:

  • Site investigations, including: survey, topographic, geological and hydrological mapping;

  • Computer applications, including: mapping, ore body modelling, mine design, geostatistics, spreadsheet and risk analysis.

  • Surface hydrology and meteorology studies;

  • Hydraulic design;

  • Groundwater studies & pollutant transport modelling;

  • Slope stability analysis & design;

  • Underground excavation design;

  • Design of mine waste impoundments & dumps;

  • Project planning, supervision, funding & divestment;

  • Mine & quarry operations;

  • Drill & blast engineering;

  • Engineering costing;

  • Economic evaluation

  • Risk analysis.


  • Author of 12 technical Papers & over 400 technical reports;

  • Oral presentations at engineering and technical computing seminars & courses;

  • Presentation of @Risk Courses.

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